Senior Pellets

For senior horses


  • Horses in their advanced years
  • Hard keeping performance horses
  • Broodmares & foals (learn more here)
  • Horses who require partial forage replacement
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OptiBlend Whole Health System

From ensuring optimal digestive health with probiotics to covering all the essential amino acids for healthy hooves and skin, our OptiBlend Whole Health System is carefully formulated by our team of expert nutritionists. The OptiBlend system is based on meeting the specific nutritional needs of your horse, beginning with a holistic approach and fibre-based philosophy.

Immune Support

  • 2000 IU Vit E (1000 IU from natural Vit E)
    To support a healthy immune system
  • Omega-3 from Flax Oil
    An excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Organic Selenium
    A source of selenium, an essential trace mineral
  • Vitamins A & D
    To support healthy vision and immune function

Gut Health Support

  • Yeast Culture
    For gut microbiota
  • Fermentable Fibre Sources
    For gut biome
Top-down picture of the Harmony feed ingredients, spread out

Helps Hooves and Skin

  • Biotin 25 mg per Serving
    A B-vitamin that contributes to hoof health
  • Essential Amino Acids (Lysine, Methionine, Threonine)
    Supports hoof, skin, coat, and muscle health, and helps balance protein in the diet
  • Collagen Building Amino Acids (Glycine, Proline)
    Used for the synthesis of collagen, a supportive connective tissue within the hoof, skin and cartilage.
  • Chelated Minerals (Zinc, Copper, Manganese)
    Essential trace minerals to support collagen synthesis
  • No Added Iron

Metabolism Support

  • B-Vitamins (Riboflavin, Thiamine, Folic Acid, Niacin, B12)
    To facilitate energy metabolism and healthy nervous tissue
  • Kelp
    Source of iodine

15% Crude fibre



Finely Calibrated to Support Your Horse's Health

  • Timothy Meal
    Premium forage source
  • Millrun
    A source of digestible fibre and starch from wheat
  • Barley
    Energy source that provides high quality starch to promote growth and development
  • Soyhulls
    Soluble fibre source with low sugar
  • Beet Pulp
    Soluble fibre source with low sugar
  • Canola Meal
    High quality protein source to promote lean muscle
  • Soybean Meal
    Excellent source of high quality protein
  • Flax Oil
    An excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin and Mineral Premix
    Supplies all essential vitamins and minerals for healthy animals
  • Molasses
    Enhance palatability
  • Canola Oil
    Source of energy from Veg oil
  • Salt
    For balancing electrolyte profile
  • Limestone
    Source of calcium for proper bone development
  • Dicalcium Phosphate
    Source of calcium and phosphorus for proper bone development

Vitamin and Mineral Premix

  • Yeast Culture
    Helps stabilize gut microflora and promote healthy gut function
  • Pea Protein
    A source of Glutamine
  • Glycine
    Supports collagen synthesis for healthy hooves, skin and coat
  • Chelated Zinc and Zinc Sulphate
    To support a healthy immune system and collagen synthesis
  • Kelp
    Natural source of iodine and amino acids
  • L-Proline
    Amino acid: supports synthesis of muscle and collagen for healthy hooves, skin and coat
  • Biotin
    A B-vitamin that contributes to hoof health
  • Selenomethionine
    Provides selenium to help control inflammatory processes and regulate the immune system
  • Chelated Manganese and Manganous Oxide
    An essential nutrient to promote bone development and fat metabolism
  • Chelated Copper and Copper Sulphate
    Promotes healthy hooves, skin and coat
  • L-Threonine
    Amino acid: Promotes muscle synthesis and assists in gut health
  • Niacin
    A B-vitamin to facilitate metabolism, and healthy nervous system
  • Cobalt
    Plays a vital role in vitamin B12 production, which promotes a healthy functioning body
  • Riboflavin
    A B-vitamin to facilitate metabolism
  • Thiamine
    A B-vitamin to facilitate energy metabolism
  • Vitamin A
    To support healthy vision, and immune function
  • Vitamin B12
    A B-vitamin to facilitate energy metabolism
  • Folic Acid
    A B-vitamin to facility energy metabolism and healthy nervous tissue
  • Vitamin D
    To support healthy immune system
  • Natural Vitamin E
    To support a healthy immune system

Guaranteed Analysis

Nutrients Provided In 2.5kg Per Day
Crude Protein (min) 15 % 370 g
Lysine (min) 0.6 % 16 g
Methionine (min) 0.4 % 10 g
Threonine (min) 0.6 % 16 g
L-Glycine (min) 0.11 % 3 g
L-Proline (min) 0.03 % 1 g
Crude Fat (min) 7 % 173 g
Crude Fiber (max) 15 % 375 g
Starch (max) 14 % 350 g
Sugar (max) 6.5 % 163 g
Calcium (act) 0.8 % 21 g
Phosphorous (act) 0.5 % 12 g
Magnesium (act) 0.22 % 6 g
Nutrients Provided In 2.5kg Per Day
Potassium (act) 1 % 25 g
Sodium (act) 0.4 % 11 g
Zinc (act) 355 mg/kg 888 mg
Copper 120 mg/kg 300 mg
Manganese 175 mg/kg 438 mg
Iron (act) 240 mg/kg 600 mg
Iodine (act) 1.23 mg/kg 3 mg
Selenium (added) (act) 0.8 mg/kg 2 mg
Biotin (min) 10 mg/kg 25 mg
Vitamin A (min) 12,000 IU/kg 30,000 IU
Vitamin D3 (min) 1,600 IU/kg 4,000 IU
Vitamin E (min) 800 IU/kg 2,000 IU
Yeast Culture (act) 6 g/kg 15 g



  • Feed changes should be made over a period of 7-10 days.
  • Harmony Senior Pellets should be split into at least two feedings per day to assist with optimal digestive health. See serving size charts for appropriate feeding rates.
  • Please accurately determine how much to feed. A kitchen scale is an excellent tool for any feed room.
  • If the recommended feed rates are not suitable for your horse (ie: unwanted weight changed), please contact us to discuss your horse’s individual needs.
  • DO NOT EXCEED recommended feeding rates.
  • Provide clean water and a salt source at all times. DO NOT provide additional trace minerals containing copper, zinc and/or selenium.
  • Adequate forage supply provides the base of a healthy diet. If free choice hay is unavailable, ensure a minimum of 1.5% of the horse’s bodyweight as hay or equivalent pasture is provided daily.
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Bodyweight (lbs) Bodyweight (kg) Feed Rate (kg) # Cups per day*
600 272 1.4 11
800 363 1.8 14
1000 454 2.3 18
1100 500 2.5 19.5
1200 544 2.7 21
1500 681 3.4 26.5
*Harmony Senior Pellets are perfectly complimented by our Complete Supplement Pellet. If your horse does not need a full dose of Senior Pellets daily, we can help you determine the right amount of Senior Pellets and Complete Supplement Pellet in order to balance your horse’s daily ration. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!