50+ Years of Quality Nutrition

For over 50 years we’ve been a proud partner to our community.

Our Story

Rooted in our communities since 1968

We began in 1968 in Abbotsford, BC with a desire to serve our community and provide farmers and hobbyists with the highest quality of nutrition for their animals. To this day we're still proudly local and committed to farmers and hobbyists throughout Western Canada.

What We Stand For

Nourishing animals and helping families thrive

Doing right by our farmers, their families, and their animals, has been our guiding commitment since day one. And through our 50-plus years of providing top-rate animal nutrition, we’re proud of our track record of combining research-based nutritional knowledge with a genuine passion for animal health and welfare.

Nutritionist Team

Deep knowledge experts working together

Our dedicated team of nutritionists and production staff work hard every day to ensure your animals get the nutrition and care they need. Ensuring optimal nutrition is our top priority. Because it's not just feed; it's our way of life.

Our Expert Nutritionists

A portrait of team member Laura Miller

Laura Miller

Equine Nutritionist
A portrait of team member Melissa Johnson-Dahl

Melissa Johnson-Dahl

Equine Nutritionist
A portrait of team member Mike Leslie

Mike Leslie

Head of Monogastric 
A portrait of team member Brittany Schurmann

Brittany Schurmann

Senior Ruminant Nutritionist
A portrait of team member Karen Scott

Karen Scott

Ruminant Nutritionist
A portrait of team member Kirstie Bobetsis

Kirstie Bobetsis

Ruminant Nutritionist