A chick with a decorative bib drawn on

The Chatter That Matters

The sounds of happy and healthy birds is music to our ears.

A chick with a decorative bib drawn on
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  • Layers
  • Broilers
  • Ducks & Geese
  • Turkeys

Pre-Starter A Crumble
25% Protein

Turkeys: Up to 4 weeks old

Starter B Crumble
20% Protein

Layers: Up to 6 weeks old Broilers: Up to 3 weeks old Turkeys: 4 to 8 weeks old Ducks & Geese: Up to 4 weeks old

Grower Pellets
18% Protein

Layers: 7 to 12 weeks old Broilers: 3 to 5 weeks old Turkeys: 8 to 10 weeks old Ducks & Geese: 4 to 7 weeks old

Finisher Pellets
16% Protein

Layers: 12 to 18 weeks old Broilers: 5+ weeks old Turkeys: 10+ weeks old Ducks & Geese: 6+ weeks old

Layer Pellets
18% Protein

Layers: 19+ weeks old

Benefits Galore

Specially designed to promote health and swagger in your poultry, without fuss and worry. Cluck! Bawk!… Anyone else getting peckish?

Essential Vitamins & Minerals
Antibiotic & Hormone Free
Calcium Fortified
Non-Genetically Engineered Grains
Animal By-Product Free

Tailored Nutrition

Expertly Formulated

Our Nutrient Smart formulations have been developed by our expert team of animal nutritionists to provide the ideal balance of nutrients for your birds.

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Feed options at every stage

Premium, balanced nutrition for your poultry at all their life stages.

Ritchie-Smith Since 1968

Ritchie-Smith has been producing premium quality feed since 1968. We care for your treasured animals as much as you do, and our commitment to animal health has stayed strong over generations. It’s not only what we do; it’s our way of life.

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