Balancing Equine Supplements

With Harmony Premium Equine, you have the power to create the ideal ration for your horse.

At times you may find an equine feed rate is providing more than your horse requires. While it’s tempting to simply scale back on your horse’s daily serving size it’s important to remember that this also scales back the supplements that your horse receives through their daily serving of Harmony.

This is where the Harmony Mix & Match System comes into play. While all Harmony Premium Equine products can be used alone,* you also have the option of combining any of our products to suit your horse’s individual needs while still balancing their supplements.

* Adequate forage supply provides the base of a healthy diet. If free choice hay is unavailable, ensure a minimum of 1.5% of the horse’s bodyweight as a hay equivalent or pasture is provided daily.
Loose salt should also be provided daily. Top dress feed at a rate of ~2 Tbsp per day.

Use a Percentage Based Approach

By calculating based on percentage of the recommended daily rate you’re opting to provide, you can easily determine how much of a second Harmony product is needed to keep the Harmony Optiblend supplements in balance.

Example Formula

50% of product A’s daily rate + 50% of product B’s daily rate = 100% of the daily serving of vitamins & minerals provided by our built-in Optiblend supplements.

You can use the ratios 60% + 40% or 75% + 25%, etc.

Example Rations

NOTE: All calculations have been based on a 500kg horse.

Example Ration A: The Supplement Top Up
You’ve chosen to feed Harmony Senior Pellets, but your horse does not require the full 2.5kg per day of a complete feed. You have chosen to cut back to only 2kg, which is 80% of the 2.5kg recommended daily rate. To keep the supplements balanced we recommend you top up with Harmony Complete Supplement Pellets. Since you have 80% of the daily rate of the Senior Pellets, you will need 20% of the daily rate of 300g for our Complete Supplement Pellets. 20% of 300g = 60g.

So in this case, 2kg of Senior Pellets combined with 60g of Complete Supplement Pellets provides 100% of the daily serving of our built-in Optiblend supplements.

Example Ration B: The Complete Feed Blend
You’re feeding Harmony High Fat Pellets at it’s full 2.5kg feed per day, but you would like to add in more energy using Harmony Sweet Feed. You have chosen to cut the High Fat Pellets back to 1.5kg (60% of 2.5kg recommended daily rate). Since you have 60% of the daily rate of the High Fat Pellets, you will need 40% of the daily rate of 2.5kg for Harmony Sweet Feed. 20% of 2.5kg = 1kg.

So in this case, 1.5kg of High Fat Pellets combined with 1kg of Sweet Feed provides 100% of the daily serving of our built-in Optiblend supplements.

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